I'm so excited.

I felt like a little kid at Christmas today at lunch time when I picked up our travel documents from the travel agent. I couldn't wait to get back and have a look at everything, especially the Eurail timetable. I love reading stuff normal people don't find exciting like maps, phone books and street directories. I know it is weird but I love it. Each year when we get a new phone directory I always spend time checking it out. Now I'm digressing.

Back to the holiday. I can't wait. I have 2 more days of work to go (Aaron finished today) and then I am free for 11 weeks. Not that I don't love my job, I do. But I have been really looking forward to having a break. This year has just been constantly busy. More diressing, sorry.

I think I have everything under control. I have some running around to do on Friday getting stuff done like Dr's letters and prescriptions medicines, but other than that everything is all organised. We did a trial pack last Sunday. I don't think I will have to cull anything, maybe just 1 top but that's all. And I 'm way under the 20 kgs which is good. But that won't stay that way for long I'm sure, if my last trip is anything to go by. I ended up having to buy an extra sports bag and a tote bag to bring all of my stuff back in (all with no extra baggage charges). But I have told myself I will be stricter on buying souveniers this time, and maybe teddy bears as well (23 was a bit excessive for a 9 week holiday).

I never know how to end blog posts. I always had trouble with diaries as well. It feels weird to me. I am digressing again, sorry.

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