Final Stages

With only 18 days to go before we leave, Aaron and I did some more trip planning today. We discussed the big issue of money. Who's money we would put where and how we would access it while we are away. We are ditching the travellers cheques and sticking to plastic, with a little bit of currency for when we first get to a country. As I have only ever travelled by myself before and the fact that we still have separate bank accounts, the whole money thing is going to be interesting. Not that I care if I end up paying slightly more than Aaron in the end. Afterall, I don't have a mortgage like he does so I have saved slightly more. I have left the budget in Aaron's hands so at least at the end I will have some sort of idea how much I will have spent. Not like my last trip, where fours years on I still do not know how much I ended up spending.

We also discussed a packing list, and divided up last minute tasks like putting together a first aid kit (me) and getting a global mobile phone sim card (Aaron). Everything is coming together quite nicely. Our pile of travel 'stuff' on our bedroom floor is growing bigger day by day. My travel notebook is coming along nicely as well. When I travel overseas, I take a notebook which I put various tips I've read in magazines and books, places to go and see etc, along with some contact details etc. Then, with the rest of the pages I have space to write stuff in while away, eg contact details of people I meet etc, and it is all in the one place. Just like hundreds of post-it notes and lists all in the one place.

I am now going to go and investigate Feedburner so that people can put RSS feeds from this blog. This Web 2.0 thing is all just one big learning experience for me. A fun learning experience. It brings out the inner geek in me.

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