Four Weeks To Go

I can't believe it is only 4 weeks until Aaron & I leave on our trip. The time is going to go so fast, especially as I know I will be really busy at work. I have a few projects I have to finish before the trip and having this past week off with a dreaded cold hasn't helped that. At least I got sick now and not just before we leave. Most of our planning is done, and stuff bought that we need. I have my to do list and packing list written already so I will be fine with all that stuff. I am getting to that I can't believe we are really going stage. Afterall we have been saving and planning for this trip since about November 2005. Now for the itinerary.

2 Sept - Depart Brisbane
3 Sept - Arrive Dubai (2 nights), Go on Sundowner Dune Tour
5 Sept - Depart Dubai, Arrive Paris (5 nights)
10 Sept - Depart Paris, Start Cycling Tour in Loire Valley (7 nights)
17 Sept - Finish Cycling Tour, Travel by train to Strasbourg (1 night)
18 Sept - Train to Ulm, Germany (2 nights), visit Steiff Museum in Giengen
20 Sept - Train to Fussen, Germany (2 nights), visit Castle Neuschwanstein
22 Sept - Train to Nuremberg (2 nights)
24 Sept - Train to Prague (6 nights)
30 Sept - Train to Salzburg (4 nights), definitely doing a Sound of Music tour
4 Oct - Train to Innsbruck (2 nights)
6 Oct - Train to Bologna (13 nights Italy)
19 Oct - Fly from Milan-Bergamo to Belfast (13 nights Ireland)
1 Nov - Fly from Dublin to London (7 nights)
8 Nov - Eurostar to Paris (1 night)
9 Nov - Depart Paris
10 Nov - Arrive Singapore (2 nights)
12 Nov - Depart Singapore
13 Nov - Arrive Brisbane

So far we haven't worked out exactly what we are going to do in Italy except go to Bologna, Venice, Florence and Perugia (for the Eurochocolate 2007 Festival). We will be staying with friends in Bologna so when we get there we will work out what we are doing.

The same goes for Ireland. We will be staying with Aaron's relatives in Belfast and doing the rellie thing there and then staying with other friends in Dublin and the rest we will work out later.

If anybody has any must see or do things in any of those places let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

Must go and help prepare for Aaron's Big Birthday Bonanza Brunch tomorrow (the boy turned 30th on Thursday). I have raspberry and white chocolate muffins and banana bread to make.

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