Why I am a library junkie?

I thought I would explain the meaning of my blog name. I am a library junkie. I have loved libraries all of my life. I can still remember the libraries I went to as a child at Blaxland, Aitkenvale, Richmond and Wondai. I love books and I love information. I always used to, and still do to some extent, give articles etc to my friends and family about things they were interested in. Now I suppose it is more just forwarding on URLs but it is the same principle of sharing information. That is the reason I became I librarian to share information.

I also love library paraphenalia, books, pens, other vendor stuff, movies about librarians, I love it all. I have old info science textbooks and even a copy of the 10th abridged edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification that I picked up from a Lifeline Bookfest. I have t-shirts, caps and even a golf umbrella from vendors. I have had the golf umbrella for a few years sitting in a box at work, (which I had moved with me from my previous library) and I had forgotten all about it until this week. It was very handy going home from work yesterday in the pouring rain.

In my first paid library job, the first time I answered a reference question on my own, I was so excited I went to the back of the library in the staff area and jumped up and down with joy. I was so excited and I knew that I was in the right profession.

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