Back to blogging

Today I have been inspired to get back into blogging. A colleague and I have developed a Web 2.0 learning program for (our) mpow and today was the official start of it. A couple of hours after sending out the first activity, which was to set up a blog, we already had 2 people complete this task. It was very exciting to see others as excited about the program as us about the program that we have spent the last 3 1/2 months working on.

It also started me thinking about why I like blogging. Firstly, I find it easier to write what I think and feel rather than saying it so it is for me an easier form of communication. I don't care if nobody reads it (well I do a little) but it doesn't bother me that this is on the world wide web for all to read. Also, I find it therapeutic. I have so many thoughts going around in my head, it is nice to get them out of there. I think too much sometimes and when I don't need to. So getting this out (and in a more environmentally friendly way of sorts than paper (I don't even want to start thinking about the energy used to power this laptop and wireless network vs producing paper)) is good for me. I just have to remember to do it more often. Short bursts (or rants) are just as good.

So one goal for May is to blog more. Another is to study, which should go without saying but April was really a dismal month in the motivation stakes. The other goal is to spend more time (the little I have left) on cultivating friendships, not new ones but the ones I already have and have neglected (just like my withering bamboo plant). A conversation I had with a friend on Saturday really brought home the fact that you can know someone for years and already think of them so dearly but not really know them at all. I know I haven't always been a good friend and I do find maintaining social relationships hard at times due to the depression and social phobia I suffer from, but friendship has always been important to me, especially as I am closer to some friends than I am to my own family.

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