Been updating

I have just been updating the RSS feeds in my Bloglines account so I thought it only fitting that I update my blog as well. Going through the Top 1000 subscribed blogs, a feature of Bloglines Beta, it was nice to see so many blogs by Librarians or Library's. I was surprised to see so many blogs about knitting though. I knew this craft was big, but I didn't expect knitters to be bloggers as well.

On the holiday front, I have finally created a brief (if you can call 637 photos brief) version of our happy snaps and they are slowly being added to my Flickr account ( Continually going over the photos is wonderful as each time I remember something that I had otherwise forgotten and I am transported back to that time and place.

Thank goodness for Bloggers automatic saving function. I would have just lost everything I had previously written. I am still learning this blogging game. I will get better soon I know. Hopefully then I will learn how to include photos.

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