Numero Uno

Well I have finally done it. I have now joined the ranks of millions around the world who blog. I have been thinking of starting a blog for awhile now but wasn't sure a) what to write about and b) if anybody would want to read it and of course c) would I be able to maintain it. So why I have I started. My partner Aaron and I are soon to commence a 10 1/2 week European holiday and I thought this would be the easiest way of sharing the experience with my friends and family. I will talk more about the trip later. First I thought I would share my experience in setting up my blog.

Once I decided to start a blog, I then had to think of a name. I have trouble thinking of names at the best of times, let alone one that I would be happy to be as a label for my thoughts and feelings. I thought Rachel's Ramblings was quite apt so I did what every good Librarian would do and googled it. Of course there was already several other Rachel's Ramblings in existence. How naive of me to think there wouldn't be? Anyway, after some thought I decided what the heck I'll use the name too. Afterall, I am not going to discuss knitting or horses like some of the other Rachel's Ramblings. That was the easy part. Trying to create a unique URL proved a challenge. In the end I settled on my initials and rambling. Hopefully easy enough for people to remember.

So there you have it. My first post on my first blog. Easy.

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